Greg Metcalf and the DVD as Novel

Dr. Greg Metcalf, who regularly lectures for the Department of Art History, recently saw the successful publication of his book, The DVD Novel: How the Way We Watch Television Changed the Television We Watch.

In a book in which he studies the evolution of serial dramas and comedies into works best considered as a whole, Dr. Metcalf suggests that television has lately developed powerful forms of storytelling. To quote from the dust jacket: "Is there anything worth watching on television anymore? The majority of programming would seem to be celebrity fanshows, biased news reporting, banal and predictable sitcoms, and reality television shows that celebrate the dysfunctional elements in our society. Actually, today's TV offers plenty of high-quality dramatic series and attitudinal comedy shows. Though some of the best programming fails to be a commercial success while being broadcast, these productions often sell well as DVD sets."