Department Releases Promotional Video

Undergraduate major Richard Allen reflects on the strengths of the Department in the promotional video

The Department is pleased to announce the release of a video promoting Art History as a field of undergraduate study. Short and energetic, this video encourages undergraduate enrollment in art history courses, articulating what art history is and why it matters, in the voices of faculty, graduate students, and most especially, undergraduate students. This video, which was conceived by Professor Yui Suzuki and realized by Cecilia Wichmann, captures the personal experience of studying art history at UMD, and how our Department is a warm, supportive community unlike anywhere else on campus.

PhD Students Grace Yasumura and Raino Isto from Department videoMembers of the Department tell, in their own words, how art history is meaningful. From its connection with other disciplines (studio art, psychology, physics, and on), to how our discipline provides depth and human dimension to all kinds of inquiry, Art History at Maryland is a nurturing intellectual community, one that furnishes our students with a practical range of critical, 21st-century skills honed in our classes that prepare students for jobs beyond the art world.