Summer 2013 Courses

Summer Term I (May 28 - July 7)

ARTH255 Art and Society in the Modern American World (Professor Isto)
M-F 12:30-1:50 (ASY 3215)
Explores the origins and evolution of art in the modern American world, from the late colonial era to the present, comparing major artistic movements and their historical contexts. Considers the diversity of art across Latin America and the United States, and the ways in which artworks mediate social, ethnic, political, and national identities.

ARTH346 Nineteenth-Century European Art from 1850 (Professor Shields)
MW 4:30-8 (ASY 3215)
Major trends from Realism and Impressionism to Symbolism, exploring the historical context, in which concepts of gender, class, and race are integral to the transformation of Western art.

ARTH359A Film as Art (Professor Metcalf)
TuTh 6-9:30 (HBK 0302H)
From Reservoir Dogs to Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers to Django Unchained, films directed or written by Quentin Tarantino provide a window on how contemporary Hollywood film absorbed cheap genre films, Asian action films and art film influences like the French New Wave to create a new sort of self-aware reinvigoration of Hollywood entertainment film. In class screenings will be supplemented by lecture and discussion and readings. Students will write papers on the themes and issues raised by the films.

Summer Term II (July 8 - August 18)

ARTH389A Special Topics in Art History and Archaeology: The Art of Drawing: A Left and Right Brain Experience (Professor Bland)
Meets 07/08/13-07/26/13
M-F 12:30-3:30 (ASY 3217)
This course examines Old and Modern Master Drawings, theories of drawing and drawing practice. Lectures will discuss Dr. Betty Edward's theory of a verbal, analytical Left Brain and a visual, perceptual Right Brain. As practice, students will learn to make the mental shift from left, analytical brain to right, visual brain. Class exercises are based on Betty Edward's text, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. No prior drawing experience is necessary.