Summer 2015 Courses

Summer Term I (June 1 - July 12)

ARTH201 Art and Society in the West from the Renaissance to the Present (Professor Isto)
M-F 11-12:30 (ASY 3203)
Examines representative European and American works of art from the later Middle Ages to the present, highlighting the dynamic exchange between artistic and cultural traditions both within periods and across time.



ARTH359F Film as Art: James Bond Film: The Ideology of Spectacle (Professor Metcalf)
TuTh 6-9:45 (ASY 4213A "The Collaboratory")
The James Bond films offer the opportunity to explore the spectacular vision of film and the cultural and ideological implications of the pleasure of consumption through vision – ideas that develop in art long before film, but are central to the Bond films, both in terms of consumption of the human body – female and male, the technological sublime and the blowing up of things “real good.” The relationship of film form and content, and their support of changing values will be key to the exploration.

ARTH389A Special Topics in Art History and Archaeology: The Art of Drawing: A Left and Right Brain Experience (Professor Bland)
Meets 06/01/15-06/19/15
M-Th 4-7:30 (ASY 3217)
This course examines Old and Modern Master Drawings, theories of drawing and drawing practice. Lectures will discuss Dr. Betty Edward's theory of a verbal, analytical Left Brain and a visual, perceptual Right Brain. As practice, students will learn to make the mental shift from left, analytical brain to right, visual brain. Class exercises are based on Betty Edward's text, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. No prior drawing experience is necessary.


ARTH389B Special Topics in Art History and Archaeology: The Art of Color: A Left and Right Brain Experience (Professor Bland)
Meets 06/22/15-07/10/15
M-Th 4-7:30 (ASY 3217)
This course is about understanding color and experiencing color. The course is composed of two parts, a lecture and color practice. The lectures examine a wide range of old and modern master paintings from Antiquity to the Twentieth Century. The lectures also examine how artists use color in a variety of media to distinctively record their surroundings, express their emotions and explore the aesthetics color applications. The practice portion of this course is composed of color/painting assignments that challenge students beyond color theory. Students will complete a series of exercises based on Dr. Betty Edward's text, Color, A Course in Mastering the Art of Mixing Color . No prior drawing or painting experience is necessary. However, students should be willing to extend a concerted amount of time and effort on each studio assignment.


Summer Term II-D (August 3-20)

ARTH323: Fifteenth-Century Italian Renaissance Art (Professor Riesenberger)
This course is a synchronous hybrid course. Students have the option of attending class virtually OR in the classroom.
M-Th 11am-1pm (ASY 4213A "The Collaboratory")
This course surveys the painting, sculpture and architecture of fifteenth-century Italy. We will consider the social and political functions of artistic programs, the domestic role of art, artistic patronage and commemoration, the revival of antique styles, developments toward naturalism, and the distinct regional styles practiced throughout Italy. This hybrid course will be taught from a website that hosts images of the artworks students will learn throughout the semester, a syllabus, a schedule of class topics and assignments, supplemental resources, and a digital map and timeline populated with course content. The course site can be found at: Due to the hybrid nature of the course, students have the option of attending lecture in person or virtually. For those who cannot attend in person, lectures will be accessed by logging onto Canvas, at: