Winter 2020 courses

ARTH200 Art and Society in Ancient and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean (Professor Chen)
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Examines the material culture and visual expressions of Mediterranean and European societies from early times until ca. 1300 CE, emphasizing the political, social, and religious context of the works studied, the relationships of the works to the societies that created them, and the interrelationship of these societies.





ARTH201 Art and Society in the West from the Renaissance to the Present (Professor Upshaw)
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Examines representative European and American works of art from the later Middle Ages to the present, highlighting the dynamic exchange between artistic and cultural traditions both within periods and across time.





ARTH359T Film as Art: James Bond Film: The Ideology of Spectacle (Professor Metcalf)
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The James Bond films offer the opportunity to explore the spectacular vision of film and the cultural and ideological implications of the pleasure of consumption through vision – ideas that develop in art long before film, but are central to the Bond films, both in terms of consumption of the human body – female and male, the technological sublime and the blowing up of things “real good.” The relationship of film form and content, and their support of changing values will be key to the exploration.