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Art History B.A.

Students in art history and archaeology study an expansive history of objects from the fine arts (painting, sculpture, architecture) to street art.

In the classroom and with leading D.C. area arts institutions, students refine their thinking about visual culture in both art historical and archaeological contexts, working across a wide range of histories, perspectives and values.

Students are encouraged to supplement their art historical and archaeological studies with courses in other disciplines, to participate in internships at local museums and galleries and to take advantage of Maryland’s study abroad programs. Students who have completed a minimum of 60 credits may apply to the department’s honors program.



Requirements for the major in art history and archaeology can be found in the Undergraduate Catalogue. They include:

  • Three 200-level ARTH courses (9 credits), one of which may be an iSeries course.
    • No more than 3 credits from ARTH269 or ARTH289
  • Seven 300- and 400-level ARTH courses (21 credits).
    • Including at least 3 credits from ARTH488
    • No more than 6 credits from ARTH369
    • No more than 6 credits from ARTH389 or ARTH489
  • One studio art course (ARTT 100 or ARTH110; 3 credits).
  • Three supporting-area courses (9 credits).
    • Must be upper-level courses from outside the Department of Art History and Archaeology
    • Must be approved by the director of undergraduate studies or academic advisor

Students can follow their progress by consulting this ARTH Major Checklist [link to PDF].

Students must meet either with the director of undergraduate studies or undergraduate academic advisor [link] for admission to the major. To schedule an appointment, contact  


Our graduates go on to work in a variety of fields that include arts and cultural [heritage] management, education, museum work (curatorial, education, conservation), marketing and communications, human resources, law, medicine and even advanced research. Learn more about their achievements.