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Honors Program

The honors program allows advanced undergraduate students (those who have completed at least 60 credits overall, of which 12 are ARTH credits) to develop a topic with a faculty advisor, write an honors thesis and work toward departmental honors at graduation.

About the Honors Program

Students must meet either with the director of undergraduate studies or undergraduate academic advisor for admission to the honors program. If you are interested in participating you should contact the undergraduate academic advisor ( in the year before your graduation to express your interest and to begin to develop a preliminary topic. The academic advisor will help match you with a faculty advisor to supervise your thesis. 

Other requirements to participate in the honors program include:

  • ARTH498: “Directed Studies in Art History” (2 to 3 credits), to be completed during the first semester of the thesis project as you conduct independent research.
  • ARTH499: “Honors Thesis” (3 to 6 credits), to be completed during the second semester of the thesis project as you write and revise.