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The Collaboratory regularly features workshops on the use of a variety of software and digital approaches that may be of interest and useful to members of our Department and the broader university community. Starting in Fall 2014 these workshops are here archived in the hopes that through them arises a knowledge base that obviates the need regularly to "reinvent the wheel."

Digital Art History Workshop on Omeka & Neatline with Nicole Riesenberger

In this workshiop, PhD candidate Nicole Riesenberger demonstrated the use of Neatline, a plugin that integrates mapping and timeline features into the online collections management and web-publishing software, Omeka.

Omeka/Neatline Workshop Notes

Data Mining and Visualization Workshop with Matthew Lincoln

In this Digital Art History Workshop, PhD student Matthew Lincoln introduced some of the ways in which art historians can use large data sets, such as those recently made available by museums, to begin to ask art historical questions in new ways. Notes from the workshop, in which we used to explore metadata from the National Gallery of Art's Dutch collections, have been archived here, and Matt's workshop guide can be found at

Data Mining and Visualization Workshop Notes


Notes from a workshop on the various uses of Prezi for teaching and presenting art history, featuring Kristi Jamrisko's 'The Art of Pigments.'

Prezi Workshop Notes


Notes from a workshop on Viewshare, a free visualization software developed by the Library of Congress for use in creating visualizations of data from digital collections. Through Viewshare one can create “views” of a collection that can be shared via a URL or embed in a webpage. The software includes features such as maps, timelines, pie charts, scatter plots, or bar graphs, which allow users to visualize museum collections in various ways.

Viewshare Workshop Notes

Photoshop (Working with Layers)

Notes on working in layers in Photoshop to merge together material from different sources to forge a new work. Such as "RemGogh VanBrandt," an on-the-fly, Stump-the-Chump challenge result.

Photoshop_Layers Workshop